A coral reef with a diver in the background

The danger of climate tipping points – even below 2 degrees

The risk of passing dangerous tipping points in the climate system rises with every tenth of a degree of global warming. Climate change threatens ecosystems, vital natural cycles and the well-being of future generations. What path are we on, and why is it so important to strive for ambitious climate targets?

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A blue and white iceberg rises out of the water at an icy landscape

Tipping points in the climate system

The more global temperatures rise, the greater the danger that individual elements of the climate system could tip. What tipping points are we currently heading toward? What would that mean for life on Earth? And what can we do about it?

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Begrünte Hochhäuser

Stone on stone, fungus, or wood?

Cities are growing all over the world, and climate change is exacerbating the respective conditions for human life. Researchers are developing materials, methods, and concepts to facilitate safe and healthy living arrangements in the future as well as climate-friendly construction.

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Schneebedeckte Landschaft mit Bäumen, durch die die Sonne scheint

White Christmas – A Thing of the Past?

Germany seldom has the pleasure of a truly white Christmas. Climate change, however, could make such a treat even more rare. Through modeled scenarios, AWI climate researcher Helge Goessling shows what climate protection can offer.

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Bärlauchwald an der Rur

Art as a communicator

What is the relationship between art and science? What is the special communicative power of art with regard to climate protection? Those questions concern the artist and art historian Andreas Pohlmann. He currently portrays 100 German climate scientists in a panorama format. Among them there are many Helmholtz researchers.

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Straße die durch Bäume geht.

New Ways to CO2 Neutrality at a Glance

Over the past two years, the Helmholtz Climate Initiative's Net-Zero-2050 project has scientifically investigated and evaluated strategies and new paths concerning the German framework for CO2 neutrality. One of the results is a web atlas intended to drive the public and political debate on CO₂ neutrality at various levels.

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Luftaufnahme von einem Wohngebiet einer Kleinstadt

Die klimaneutrale Kommune

Mit neuen finanziellen Hilfen will der Bund Städten und Gemeinden den Weg zu null Emissionen einfacher machen. Doch wie kann der konkret aussehen? 

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Wasserstoffspeicher-Konzept in schönem Morgenlicht

Energy storage of the future

Hydrogen is considered one of the great hopes for a climate-neutral energy supply in the future. The catch is that a great deal of energy and space is still needed for its production and storage. Researchers at the Helmholtz Climate Initiative are investigating how the energy carrier can be stored in a more climate-friendly, cost-effective and space-saving way.

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Further news from Helmholtz


HEMERA-Kampagne abgeschlossen

Für die Vorhersage des Klimawandels und seiner Folgen sind präzise Messungen der Atmosphäre unerlässlich. Eine Forschergruppe aus der Helmholtz-Gemeinschaft in Jülich und Karlsruhe hat deshalb im…
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Klimaausblicke für Landkreise

GERICS hat „Klimaausblicke“ für alle 401 deutschen Landkreise entwickelt. Jeder Klimaausblick beschreibt zu erwartende Klimaänderungen anhand von 17 Kennwerten wie Hitzetage, Starkregentage,…
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