With its overarching theme - “Towards a Sustainable Transformation – Climate, Energy and Nature in a Changing World” – the Potsdam Summer School will in 2022 continue the transdisciplinary and interactive series of events that has been held annually in Potsdam, Germany since 2014.

Humankind is facing a huge challenge: Climate change threatens the foundations of life on our planet. To preserve these foundations, the fossil era must come to an end. This will lead to profound changes in our ways of producing goods, our means of transportation, and ultimately the way in which we live. We are at the beginning of a great transformation, which can bring benefits as well as new inequalities. It is important to shape this in a just and sustainable manner, while protecting the environment and thereby securing future life for people in all regions around the globe.

Participants of the Potsdam Summer School will be engaged in discussions and group works and will be provided with tools to develop effective strategies to solve the challenges they face in their daily work, while also gaining a comprehensive perspective and overview surrounding the three aspects of a sustainable transformation:
• Climate
• Energy
• Nature

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